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Items listed on this page are ones that I either actively use or have personal experience with and recommend. When possible, I will attempt to link to sources other than Amazon. No affiliate or tracking codes are used.
I understand that providing a mainfest of everything in my pockets, stuffed into my backpack, or otherwise sitting in my apartment is perhaps not the wiseest idea ever, but what can I say, I'm an optimist. I'd take it as a kindness if you didn't steal my things.

Daily Carry

  • Charlie Wallet, by Herschel - A great looking, durable, light-weight minimalist wallet. Has room for up to four cards (two debit cards, insurance, and drivers license in my case), plus a little pouch for your mugging money. Barely noticeable in my front pocket.

  • Streamlight MicroStream Flashlight - This is a perfect daily carry flashlight. It uses a standard AAA battery, so it's always easy to keep it powered up. It fits neatly in the corner of my pocket and puts out a ton of light. Plus, you can remove the button cover and turn it from a recessed button to a protruding button (I always leave this cover off).

  • Opinel No. 8 Pocket Knife - This is everything you could ask for in a pocket knife. A reasonably long, sharp blade in an elegant package this is excellent to grip, and has the ability to lock the blade so you don't accidentally close or open it (depending).

  • Fisher Bullet Space Pen - This ink pen has a pressurize cartridge so that it's always ready to write, and folds up to half its size. Made of metal and clips onto the pocket next to my flashlight. I like having my own pen to sign credit card receipts at restaraunts, especially during the pandemic. I find myself using it for all kinds of other things throughout the day. You almost always need a pen.
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