This is not a sponsored post, but recently while searching for an additional USB-C charger, I came across a new brand of tech accessories that I’d never heard of before, called Nimble. Nimble makes chargers, wireless charging pads, and cables from recycled materials, and so far I have to say I’m really impressed.

For one, the quality of my new charger is really outstanding. It feels solid, has a tiny physical footprint (I’ve used the Anker Nano II adapter that is a similar size and uses the same GaN technology, and would say they feel approximately the same). And, most importantly, I really am getting the full 65W output as promised for my particular adapter (which is necessary to power my laptop).

Every purchase you make comes with a baggie and a free (printable) shipping label that you can use to send any old gadgets back to Nimble to be responsibly recycled.

And, they’re both a registered B corporation, and a ‘1% for the Planet’ member. I have some issues with B corporations (often it can be used as a marketing gimmick, and there’s not really any legal recognition of that classification - that status is “given” by a private organization), but broadly speaking, it is a sign of a company that is trying to be responsible and do good work, in addition to making a profit. And, by being a 1% for the Planet member, 1% of all profits go back into environmental philanthropic causes, which is nice.

If you’re in the market for a charger, wireless charging pad, or USB cable, I’d recommend giving them a try!