For the past two days I’ve been working on (finally) giving my office a full renovation. For reference, I posted this very blurry picture about a year ago of what my office originally looked like: After that picture was taken I cleaned up a bit and painted the walls, but my office has remained like that for well over a year. You can see that I didn’t have any power up here and had to cut a hole in my living room ceiling and run an extension cord up to my office (which I’m sure is totally safe and up to code). Before renovation began I cleared out my bookcase and emptied out as much furniture as I could. One last ‘before’ photo: Here’s an action shot of Dad laying down plywood. I can’t thank Dad enough for giving up a Saturday and lending a hand! Mom and Dad spreading the glue as I roll out the vinyl (thanks also to Mom!). The finished product: My desk (note: I’m getting a proper case for my desktop this week): My newly cleared-out closet which gives me tons of extra storage space: My bookshelf (mostly) back in working order, minus a few more books I need to carry back upstairs. At least the turntable is back up and spinning. My new banister (still need to patch the wall and get a proper frame for my System76 poster): My niece and nephew wanted to come check out my office and and listen to music. They approved! I went out this morning and picked up a plastic chair mat, so I can finally sit at my computer again (apparently rolly chairs will chew up vinyl flooring). I need to add some quarter round moulding around the corners on the floor (my house isn’t remotely square, so it will cover up the slight gaps that are unavoidable in certain corners), and I need to touch up a few final things, but my office is about 99% complete. I couldn’t be happier!