Vocal Development Update #2

The past week has been primarily focused on completing my final projects for courses this semester, but tonight I turned in my last two projects. I can finally start focusing on Vocal 100%.

Despite focusing on school assingments, I still managed to make a fair bit of progress with Vocal. The main improvement is that album art now rearranges itself properly when the window shrinks or grows! The screencast that I recorded (sorry, no audio) should give you a good idea of how Vocal looks and behaves right now.

I initially started out with my own custom widget in a Grid, and threw in some voodoo on the backend to make it work, but I couldn’t find a good solution to fixing the resize problem. So in the end I decided to try a Gtk.IconView, and in only an hour or two I had it looking and working exactly how I wanted. Awesome!

There was some additional work on the parser to make it be able to detect audio vs. video. I also started working on integrating video, and have had some success. Vocal is actually able to play video right now, but the experience is nowhere near what I want it to be. I’m going to set that aside for now while I implement more critical features.

For the next few days I am going to work on cleaning up some of the code, fixing a few minor issues, and getting Vocal into a relatively stable state with its current minimal functionality.

And then, the library management.

6 thoughts on “Vocal Development Update #2

  1. Put it up on beta alreadyyyyyyyyyyy….

    Seriously man, this looks great. Any chance I could get on the ground floor as a bug tester? :D

    1. Thanks! I’m working on it about as fast as I go, but I expect an early dev build to be ready in a few weeks if everything goes well. I’ll be sure and let you know when it’s available.

  2. Looks good. I love the idea of separating podcast management from music. They have never meshed well for me in iTunes. Speaking of which, will Vocal have the ability to sync to iPods, or just MTP devices? My primary listening devices are an iPod Shuffle and, for the car, a USB stick. And, with more and more online storage of media libraries, can it have the ability to access cloud-stored files, for example via Google Drive or MS OneDrive?

    1. Thanks!

      To be honest, I’m not sure what kind of devices Vocal will sync with. For the next release I’m planning on adding an account-based sync option to automatically stay in sync across Vocal/Android/iOS. Android and iOS are my main priority in terms of mobile device support. After that, I will see what others say. If people want MTP/libipod sync I will pursue that, but if the majority of people say they no longer need it I will focus my efforts on something else.

      It won’t have any cloud sync built in necessarily, but you can choose your library location, so if you want to sync the files that get downloaded to a folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive you will certainly be able to do so.

      Hope that was somewhat helpful!

      1. Actually, my understanding of MTP might be suspect. I assumed that was what Android devices used, but if you are going to support Android/iOS, man, you got it covered. I just need to be able to sync my Shuffle without having to look at iTunes or summon up the will to launch it and wait 5 minutes for it to decide to come to life (on my Windows PC – maybe its faster on the Macs).

        And good point about the Drive sync. As long as my files are stored on line, I don’t really care if I have duplicates synced to my local drive for the purpose of syncing to my device. The online backup is secure, so that solution will work great. I look forward to giving it a try. Thanks.

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